Friday, May 15, 2015

10 quirky people you will meet if you like to Salsa

And if you are one of them…hmmm…enough said!


50 first basics: I take the adage ‘Every day is a new day’ a little too seriously. I am the guy who comes to class day in and day out, but cannot seem to remember a thing. I suffer from a bout of amnesia as soon as I enter the studio. Spot turn? What’s that?

The all over guy: I don’t understand much, but I sure do prance around a lot. Technicalities? Who needs that? I pay a deaf ear to the teacher and make my own rules. I scare my partner as she does not know where I will step next. On her leg? Maybe.

Now you lead me: I do not like taking charge. So what if the man is the leader of the dance? I will happily take the backseat and let my partner lead me. Anyway girls are over enthusiastic and I am happy to oblige.

Houston, target in sight…Mayday! Mayday!: I am a decent dancer, but I blank out when I approach girls. I dance so well inside my head that I could put champions to shame. But put the fairer sex in front of me and all I can manage is a cross body lead with about 22 basics. If only the pretty girls could see inside my head. Alas!

Are you insured yet?: The word gentle is missing from my dictionary. I believe the only way to dance is to push around a girl like a rag doll. If your shoulder does not pop out from the socket, consider yourself lucky.


The I am today’s woman, I take charge (even when not required): I am an independent and ambitious woman. I am not a follower. I am a rebel. I will defy the rules of Salsa. Men? They cannot lead me. It was after me the term ‘self leading’ was coined.

Mirror, mirror on the wall: I am the prettiest of them all. Dance studios with huge mirrors everywhere are all to check myself out. Even when my teacher is explaining how to do my tricky multiple spins, my attention is on whether my hair is in place or if my lipstick has smudged. And while dancing, I always need to face the mirror; my partner can face the wall for all I care.

Baggage of the dancers past: I have danced all my life. So what I am learning a new dance form, it is child’s play for me. I will walk into class and pick up the skill in less than half the time of other minions. I am a great dancer and I know it.

Ability. Check. Willingness. Check. Attitude. Not so much: I am a reasonably good dancer and I want to learn. BUT I just don’t want to put in a lot of effort. I will probably try something new once and if I don’t get it, I will sulk. If only I attempted the damn body wave a few more times, I could master it. 

My arms are an unnatural extension of me: The legs move perfectly, the torso is also doing fine. But what do I do of my hands? They feel like a lifeless burden. Where do I put them? On my hips? On the guy’s shoulders? Styling will be the end of me.

These are tales of my experience dancing with men and women. Yes, women too as one needs to when teaching…no other reason, though that would be so cool.

I have danced with all of these types. You know who you are!

This is just a funny take. Please take this with a giant pinch of salt. In fact, I am in there too. Guess which one am I!!!

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