Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Observations on the Dance Floor: Part I -- The 80:20 Ratio

Stepping in for a Salsa social is a nightmare for beginners and a sure-shot recipe to lose all your confidence. But there is a lot that goes into perfecting the intricate combinations and making it look effortless and sensual on the floor.

Note: these observations are specific only to the Mumbai Salsa scene (may also be applicable to the Delhi & Bangalore salsa scene)

80% of the men on the floor have been dancing for an average of 3 years + (most of these are instructors themselves)

20% have been dancing for less than 3 years.

That’s a lot of dancing experience under the sole. No ones got great overnight. These guys have been at it consistently. They have put in a lot of time effort and sweat to become enviable.

80% of the women have been dancing for less than 6 months !!!

20% have stuck around beyond that time frame.

Yes, it’s the exact opposite. I can’t pin point what it is. While it’s the same men you will see at all salsa parties, the women mostly keep moving in & out. I don’t know whether they get bored / move on to other exciting things (you can’t skydive every week though), get married / change jobs or simply stop coming because their boyfriends / husbands don’t like to see them getting groovy with other men.

The other 20% are veteran Salseras who will ensure they make time from all other commitments to get their regular dose of Salsa.

Well, it all comes down to commitment and practise, like any other skill. You will fumble initially, may be embarrass yourself but it will be all worth it if you hang on. You decide which side of the 80:20 ratio you want to be on.