Monday, September 26, 2011

Mumbai's 1st Latin Dance Theatre

Acting & Dancing -- Dance Theatre

Even if you sit on a chair telling a story you are dancing... No big leaps and kicks, but the minimalist kind of dance. The glances, the breathing, hands gesturing, toes twitching. Using the body as a medium to express, the whole body, the whole being of the storyteller is involved in the story.

We always communicate with our body as well as speech even in everyday life, and our body can sometimes betray us or contradict our words.

In storytelling we try to control this movement, to support our story. It can be as simple a thing as trying not to twitch nervously even if we are terrified sometimes with stage fright. However in a dance theatre we amplify our actions to convey every emotion and every bit of the story only through dance, no words. Dance speaks a language of its own, where movement mirrors the fierceness of words.

Baile -de- Salón through its dance theatre production offers a positive environment where every student is made aware of their individual capabilities, enabling them to strive for excellence to the very best of their abilities. We, in turn, will challenge and always strive to make a positive contribution to the lives of our students. We will achieve this by giving students the individualized guidance and attention to which they are entitled; while instilling the value of the culture and music through hard work, discipline, and artistry.