Friday, February 14, 2014

Salsa Concepts: Simple Spot Turn (Right)


The simple spot turn is your induction to the world of turns and spins and forms the very basis of executing any turn pattern, be it the dizzying multiple turns or the traveling cross body turns.

How to:

--Execution of the turn is exactly the same for both men and women, just the counts differ, thankfully so that you don’t bump into each other.
-- For the spot turn – right; women (W) turn on the second half of the bar (5,6,7) & men (M) turn on the first half (1,2,3)
-- Step with the left leg forward (on 1 for M / 5 for W). Weight on left.
-- Pivot with both feet 180 degrees (on 2 for M / 6 for W). Weight on right.
-- Thrust left leg and pivot another 180 degrees on right leg to finish (on 3 for M / 7 for W).
-- Follow through back basic (5,6,7 for M / 1,2,3 for W)


-- Keep your back and chin up straight
-- Keep your legs close together to streamline centre of gravity under the torso
-- Do not lift the traveling foot (left leg) off the ground, risk getting wobbly
-- Spot / focus on something at your eye level
-- When practicing by yourself use your arms and shoulders to help generate momentum, but ensure you don’t over rotate/soften stance while turning. 
-- Salsa dancing does not offer any recovery time, you have to immediately follow up your turn with the back basic.