Monday, September 8, 2014

Salsa Concepts: Cross Body Turn

The Cross Body Turn (CBT) or Cross Body lead with an inside turn is an extension of the CBL (Blog Post). The lady executes a travelling turn to the left (counter-clockwise) as the man leads her through his CBL footwork.

How to:

In terms of execution the CBT is relatively more challenging for the women as it builds upon the CBL, however for men the footwork remains the same as CBL (opportunity to bring in finesse).

Attached image helps visually understand the footwork for men and women.

Women’s Footwork:
(1,2,3): regular back basic
5: lady steps forward with left foot
6: a 90’ pivot to the left with the right foot
7: a 180’ pivot to the left (over the back) with the left foot
1: a 270’ pivot to the left (from the front) with the right foot landing back.

Ensure the momentum for the turn is generated on count 5 and just allow the body to follow through the rest of the counts.
Ensure the left foot steps straight on count 5 (extremely important to ensure the linearity of the execution)
Counts 6 and 7 are progressive steps. Ensure that the free (of weight) foot pivots with the travelling foot
Cut through the turn with the right foot (rather than swinging it across) to merge with the back basic on count 1 of the next bar of music.

Men’s Footwork:
Remains the same as CBL

Lead / Pointers: Connection- Men’s L to Lady’s R (lead remains the same irrespective of the connection)

Raise the hand up to the lady’s shoulder level by count 3 to clearly distinguish between a CBL and a CBT
A short forward tag on count 5 so that the lady starts crossing over to the other side.
Directional nudge to the lady’s left on count 6 (her left) to initiate the CBT. Allow for the fingers to roll with the connection, rather than using the entire arm to lead. Making the lead smoother and not imposing on the followers movement. Keep elbows relaxed.
Try and ensure the lady’s upper arm remain parallel to the floor while leading and the radius of the lead remains close to the lady’s head so that the distance covered by the lady while turning is minimal.
Follow through with the connection on count 7 as you gradually start bring hand back down at the waist level.

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